Joshua Bedford

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Welcome to my personal site! My name is Joshua Bedford and I am a 21 year old developer living in Mississippi (United States). A few of my projects include the Ergon, Inc. intranet,,, and, and many of my web projects can be found in the 'web' section.

But Web Development is not the only thing I do. I enjoy landscape and architectural photography, and occasionally people as well. My photos can be found on my photography page of this website, including my trips to Pigeon Forge, TN, Washington, D.C., the MS State Fair, and New Orleans, LA. Aside from photography, I also enjoy writing on occasion.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many different authors, and writing on many different blogs, but a large majority of my writings can be found on, in my book weShine: Foundations of a Strong Walk With God, or here on this website.

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