Top Budget Videography Gear



It can be difficult to light a scene well on a tight budget, but if you choose carefully, some LED lights under $50 can truly achieve some spectacular results. Here are my 3 top picks:

This is a spectacular light, much like some of the $80-100 lights of similar size I've used, this light comes at a mere $33. There is even a package deal right now on amazon for this light with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger for $60, which I consider a great deal as these batteries are fairly standard for use with budget range lighting.

This Neewer light has great reviews and is the big brother of the first light I bought (the cn160), packing 216 LEDs into the same package as the CN160. For about $10 more, this is a great deal. A fantastic light for sheer brightness, and being fairly accurate while doing it.

As mentioned above, this was my very first light and I still love it. As LED lights go, it is obviously on the cheaper end in terms of features (no LED display, no temperature control), but it is a very bright and fairly accurate light and comes in as one of the best lights in this price range. Like the others above, it does not come with batteries, but this light can use AA batteries or the NP-F550 batteries linked below.


In terms of audio, there are many different types of microphones and recorders available, but below are several I have tried and own and would recommend. As far as microphones go, the two most useful types for beginning videographers are the shotgun microphone and the lapel microphone, with boom microphones often coming in at a higher price.

This is a fantastic microphone for lower budget videographers of all types. It has a great response, does well at canceling out unnecessary noise, and is overall a great microphone for the price.

An outstanding deal for the $100 range, the saramonic wireless lavalier kit comes in at a great price with spectacular sound. It truly did surprise me at the quality of this sound at the price point it is at. I highly recommend it if you're on a tight budget but want to go wireless.


When filming, stabilizing your camera can make the difference between looking like an amateur and a professional when your footage is viewed. Basically, there are a few types of stabilization: Tripods, Shoulder Rigs, and steadicams/handheld stabilizers. Here are a few great options:

This is a complete package deal including a rail system (with a shoulder mount), that also comes with a follow focus and matte box.

I will soon be purchasing one of these, and they have great reviews. While I can't speak from personal experience, with Amazon's amazing customer support, I really don't see it as a risk.

P.S. The above links are affiliate links. It costs you nothing, but it will help me if you use the above links when purchasing these items!
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