Howdy! My name is Joshua Bedford and I am a developer, creator, photographer, and author living in Mississippi (United States). Often I'm asked, "Can you do this?" but the question is not "Can this be done?" it is "How long will it take?". Everything is possible, and that's the way I move forward. The only variation is how long it will take to learn and implement that knowledge.


My first passion, my greatest achievement, a method of helping others. I strive to simplify the lives of those around me through technology; often achieved through web applications and technologies. Most of my projects are private, but occasionally I publish some work on my GitHub such as my lando-zsh plugin, dotfiles, or the Laravel Word Filter package.


God's great creation, magnificent in every way, immense in power and expanse. I love trying to capture the beauty of creation through landscape and astrophotography. There is nothing else quite like it. Check out my photos here.


A well-built piece of furniture is a blessing that can last for generations. It started with making a piece of furniture to save money, but has grown into a passion and pursuit of higher quality. Each piece I make is one I learn from. Check out my woodworking projects here.


Creating is exhilarating, yet calming. I enjoy creating things, whether it be using wood, photo, or computers, it always presents a unique challenge for me to solve, and gets me thinking in a different fashion.