Local Docker Development Environment icon-arrow

Needing more flexibility in your local development environment? Here I give a brief overview of how to setup a super-flexible local environment using Docker.

ADA Compliance On Websites icon-arrow

Wondering what you need to know about ADA compliance on your website? Head on over to the article I wrote (and the copywriting team fixed up) while at Mad Genius

Auto Version CSS and JS Files icon-arrow

If you're like me, you're tired of having file caching issues. Hard refresh is not a good solution, but automatic versioning is!

Web Development Environment of 2020 icon-arrow

What does a modern web development environment look like in 2020? Let's see how we can have an extremely flexible and portable environment that is easy to work with multiple people, multiple projects, multiple softwares/languages, and multiple versions of those softwares/languages.

How To: Secure But Memorable Passwords icon-arrow

In the current age of digital growth, everything is moving online which means you have to select a password to protect your information. How do we create memorable but secure passwords without forgetting all of them?

Install WordPress Core via SSH icon-arrow

This is a messy but known way to install WordPress core if its ever necessary via SSH where the WP CLI is not available. Simply replace 'projectFolder' with the correct folder and have at it!

Handle Multiple Domains with Wordpress icon-arrow

This enables the use of multiple domains with a single wordpress instance. This is handy when developing local but using something like Laravel Valet, Lando, or ngrok to open a tunnel to your local machine for testing.

Setup Dev Environment with Lando (Mac) icon-arrow

How I setup my dev environment with Lando on my Macbook for Web Development.

Lando Wordpress Recipe icon-arrow

A simple Lando recipe for WordPress.

Lando ZSH Aliases icon-arrow

A simple collection of alias functions to enable the use of the CLIs within Lando without having to type lando to access them.

Lando Laravel Recipe icon-arrow

A Lando recipe for laravel and tools within laravel such as PyroCMS and Voyager.

Allow Filtering by Custom Field | WP ACF API icon-arrow

Ever wanted to be able to utilize WordPress, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom fields, and the ACF to REST API plugin to enable an api that could be filtered by ANY field? Let's look at how to do that.

Apache Wildcard Virtual Hosts icon-arrow

Having a wildcard virtual hosting setup can be VERY useful for development environments. Let's look at how to set that up.

ServerPilot | Import Laravel Project icon-arrow

outdated (?)
So you have a new project built and ready for production, but you don't know how to use Laravel with ServerPilot. In this article, we look at a simple process to using serverpilot to run your Laravel app.

CSS Wildcard Selectors icon-arrow

Occasionally, we need to be fairly flexible in our stylesheets, to minimize code and maximize efficiency. Wildcards simplify your stylesheets and produce a much more efficient workflow. Let's look at how to start writing them.

Adding an Asset to Unitrends Backup icon-arrow

outdated (?)
Though it is much simpler if you have paid for vmware and can run their installer to setup everything, it is not too terribly much more difficult to get a Unitrends Free Backup running on a free esxi version. Let's begin.

The Perfect Web Development Process for Multiple Users: Part DevServer icon-arrow

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outdated (?)
Having a great dev process is of utmost importance, so let's explore how to do that by setting up a dev server using VMWare ESXI to virtualize servers.

The Perfect Web Development Process for Multiple Users: Part BitBucket icon-arrow

deprecated (?)
outdated (?)
Part of having a great dev process is version control and deployment systems, so let's look at the advantages we can gain by using BitBucket.

Froala: Upload Images with Laravel 5 icon-arrow

outdated (?)
Froala is a very powerful text editor plugin for your website, but (as of this writing) it can be tricky to use with Laravel. Let's look at how to implement it.

Froala: Image Manager with Laravel 5 icon-arrow

outdated (?)
The Froala Image Manager's immense power can be tricky, but we have defeated it and put it to work within Laravel!